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Introduction of Some of My Galleries

I am a professional photographer with an arts education background living in London, UK.
My interest in photography was sparked at a very young age, when I received a beautiful Voigtlander Bessa camera at a family event aged 6 years old. Although it was an unwanted item handed down to me from a relative, it became my favourite and most cherished toy. Whilst I had no film to take actual pictures, I loved the feeling of this marvellous camera in my hands and the click of the shutter.
Whilst studying at a specialist art school, I purchased and processed my first ever film. Even now, when I develop film, the memory of that day I first withdrew the photographic film from the chemical to dry always comes back to me. When I was 18 years old, I embarked on a three-year degree in photography.
Other than photography, painting is another passion of mine. I am currently working on a new project with a fashion design theme, but I can’t go into too much detail currently.

I created the website on my own and tried to make it as uncomplicated as possible. The website provides you with the required essentials and nothing extra.

From the perspective of photography, the website is intended to give you a sense of my work, even though is not as extensive as I had initially hoped due to the large amount of time needed for image editing, which I do not currently have. However, as I continue editing the street and travel photography I have accumulated during my travels in North America, Europe, countries in Asia as well as new locations, I will upload new albums on the website. Furthermore, I will keep expanding on film photography, with the development and scanning of old films and shooting of new ones.

Roadside Postcard

My travel photography gallery starts with two of my favourite albums: San Francisco photo stories in snapshot style titled “Birds Always Land on their Shadows” I and II. With its astounding architecture, natural features and tsunamic evacuation route signs, San Francisco had everything to please my eyes. However, the photos are noisy and have poor resolution and dynamic range because I shot them with my first digital camera that was already outdated when I bought it, this is what happens when you choose your camera by the sound its shutter produces. It was my only digital camera for 8 years until it died, it had accompanied me throughout various travels in North America. In my subsequent travels to Cuba and India I used a new Fujifilm mirrorless camera, while my most recent travel to Nepal has been documented with a Sony A7 R lll. Nevertheless, despite its shortcomings, my first digital camera holds a special place in my heart as it enabled me to shoot freely, without concerning myself with technicalities.
The next albums that I will upload to this gallery will be “Red Hot Mama” and “Sunset Boulevard”, which were shot in Las Vegas and Los Angeles respectively.

Lucid Dream

My photography teacher used to say that an image should always contain a level of sharpness, but I never agreed. I have had blurry eyesight since birth, so I not only find it natural to see things unfocused, but also like it in the mornings, apart from the occasional painful bumping into things, before I insert my contact lenses. Sharpness is not essential in my vision of the world; I believe that lack of clarity can be revealing, and I have adapted one of my camera’s lens to my eyesight so that viewers can see how I see. The collection “Lucid Dream” provides an insight into my perception of the world and the first album entitled “Minus 8” alludes to my eyesight strength.

Black & White Days In Colours

This is my collection of daily street photography. My camera is almost always with me and is my only friend that goes wherever I want to go and takes me to places where I otherwise would not go. No photography school is more instructive than the street and with its infinite combinations of colours, light, composition and forms, the street offers countless photography subjects and allows to practice photography in any way desirable. The next albums to be added to this collection will be “Sleeping Beauty” and “I Am Not a Robot”.

Sandbox Memory

Although digital photography is the current trend, my heart belongs to film photography. “Sandbox Memory” is my collection of film photography taken mainly with expired films that I did not use in the past. In the two years I’ve lived in London my camera collection has grown to encompass eleven cameras, seven of which are film. The cameras that stand out are a large-format Crown Graphic, medium-format Pentacon Six, a full-frame mechanical camera Rollei 35 which remains the smallest since 1965, 1938 Rolleicord, and the previously mentioned folding camera Voightlander Bessa. The expired films I have for shooting number in their hundreds.

Deja Vu.
The Forgotten Films

Friends, places, good and bad days; shot, not developed or developed, but not scanned and forgotten for years, graced by the passage of time, textured like a distant memory and ready to be rediscovered now. This is the story of some of my films.

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